Galactic History

In this series of 20 parts, Andrew Bartzis, galactic historian, provides an overview of history of many worlds, races, and civilizations. Because some people enjoy listening, while others enjoy reading, we're providing these in both formats. Videos below may be freely listened to, while the transcripts are being offered for a small fee, so as to compensate Lance White for the many hours he devoted to meticulously transcribing these interview segments. Here is a sample of the transcripts if you'd like to see the excellent quality of the transcription prior to purchasing.

Parts 1 through 7 in PDF format ($15.00)

Parts 8 through 14 in PDF format ($15.00)

Parts 15 through 21 in PDF format ($15.00)

All 20 parts, plus Lance's thoughts, observations and notes ($40.00)

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